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Whitetail Hunting

Las Cuevas is the ultimate Mexican hunting destination for wild, mature whitetail deer. We specialize in whitetail hunts on our 14,500 acre property, which presents a perfect natural habitat that has produced some of the finest whitetail trophies in the country.


Our rates work the following way: there is a trophy rate (depending on what the buck scores), then a daily fee (which includes everything during your stay), and additional services, which are all detailed below. All of our hunts are guided hunts, usually lasting 3-4 days. Although our success rate is very high (close to 100%), please keep in mind this is a real hunt, not a guaranteed one. Yes, our 14,500 acres are high fenced, but all deer are wild and there are no fenced pastures or "canned" hunts. This is the real deal. It's real hunting, for real hunters!

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Rates & Dates

Trophy Rate + Daily Rate + Additional Services = Total 


Deer score      Price

Up to 149"      -   $4,500.00
150" - 159"    -   $6,500.00 + $200/inch
160" - 169"    -   $8,500.00 + $300/inch
170" +            -   $1
1,500.00 + $600/inch
200" +            -   please call for pricing


​Daily rate includes:

  • All meals, drinks and accommodations

  • One-on-one guide service

  • Professional photo with your deer harvest

  • Javelina, coyotes, bobcats...

Tips: 10% to 20%

of the hunt's total is much appreciated!

Hunter:             $300.00

Non-hunter:     $500.00


  • Airport pick-up and drop- off ($500)

  • Tanning, shipping, and handling of trophy ($400)

  • Hunting license ($150)

Please contact us for availability.






We require a $7,500.00 non-refundable deposit per hunter to secure your hunting dates. Balance due after harvesting and measuring your trophy. Please call, email or fill out the contact form at the bottom of our website to get in contact with us and plan your trip!


- Option 1

Fly to Laredo International Airport in Laredo, TX - We will pick you up at the airport and drive for 2 1/2 hours to get to the ranch. 

- Option 2 

Fly directly to Las Cuevas. Please call us to learn more about this option.


10% to 20% of your hunt's total is much appreciated! Tips are distributed between cooks, maids, guides and cowboys.


Big eights are one of the most sought after type of whitetail, and are extremely rare! For 8-point bucks measuring over 140", skip to the next price bracket. For example, a 145" eight point will be charged as a 155", a 155" eight point as a 165" and so on...


To be able to ship your hide and antlers, we have to first tan the hide. Since these deer are wild, they may carry ticks in their hide, which we have to completely clean. The only way to ensure they are 100% clean and ready to ship is to tan them with our taxidermist. 

The reason for all of this, is because US Fish & Wildlife will not allow the entrance of hides into the United States unless they are 100% clean. If they find one little tiny tick or insect, they will send them back. To avoid any trouble and ensure your trophy gets to you clean and safe, we take the time to tan them first. Once they're ready, we will ship the hide and antlers to your desired address.


We understand that sometimes things beyond your control force you to reschedule or cancel a trip. We will gladly try to meet any request, although please understand that we need a minimum of 60 days notice to alter any booked date.





When you arrive at Laredo International Airport, we will be waiting there to pick you up and drive to the ranch. Las Cuevas is a two and a half-hour drive from the airport.

Tentative Hunt Schedule:
4-night / 5-day hunt, totaling 6 hunting sessions. 

- Arrive around 2:00 pm
- 1st hunt session: leave 4
:00 pm, come back at dark
- Dinner around 7:30 pm (Hang around the fire, have a few drinks, go to bed) 

- Coffee and cookies at 6:30 am
- 2nd hunt session: leave 7:00 am, come back around 10:00 am 
- Breakfast around 10:30 am
- Between 10:30 and
2:00 pm hang around the ranch (take a nap, go fishing, go ride around the ranch, call coyotes and bobcats, etc...)
- Lunch around 2:00 pm
- 3rd hunt session: leave 4:00 pm, come back at dark
- Dinner around 7:30 pm (Hang around the fire, have a few drinks, go to bed)

- Same as Day 2


DAY 4 

- Same as Day 3

- Coffee and cookies at 6:30 am
- 6th hunt session: leave 7:00 am, come back around 10:00 am 
- Breakfast around 10:30 am
​- Leave for airport

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